Elegance from Another Time


  • Deliveries from Greece
  • Handcrafted from a small family business
  • H60W40cm
  • Base of wood
  • Real fabric
  • Details with clay
  • Embossed art

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Take a look at this painting. It pictures a European woman from a different age. Some would say she looks sad. Drowning in her thoughts. But Artist Marika wonders if her model is just modest – kind – and we only confuse her feelings.

What is elegance, anyway? Does it mean today what it used to mean? And – furthermore – is elegance a synonym to modesty, un-approachability even?

Or could elegance mean something else to every one of us? And, in the end, does it have to be a title you wear? Or can elegance simply mean “something you ‘re attacted to”?

Not that we have an answear to all these questions, but it surely makes you think, does it not? After all, this is exactly why Marika loves art: It makes you think – not once or twice – but over and over again.

This painting includes 3D details, like the rose, her dress and more.

Imagine this piece of art in your house or even your working area. What a surprise that would be!
It can also be a superb present for the people you care about, or even a wedding present.

If you would like to know more about this all time classic, with interesting choice of colors painting, you can always contact us.

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