Lady in Purple Blues Sculpture


  • Deliveries from Greece
  • Handcrafted from a small family business
  • H34W10D10 cm
  • Light clay
  • Woman’s’ sculpture
  • Vivid colors
  • Embossed art

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Lady in Purple Blues Sculpture

Meet our capital L lady! A handmade sculpture of a Woman’s figure with power, confidence and determination. Not in a beautified way, not in an American Romance film way. This one isn’t looking for a man who will put an end in her everyday tiredness – Oh, she’s tired, alright! – no, this one does not quit! She will get some sleep when there’s time. Right now, she will handle her business, put herself out there and get – the job – done!

Our Lady wears a purple blue blazer, a wonderful beige dress and holds a wonderful brown handbag. This woman is a natural beauty with a kind face. She likes her elegant hairstyle and likes to wear almost no make up.  When she comes home, leaving all the craziness behind, she will sit back and enjoy her alone time in her personal space. She is the one!

Get inspired by this powerful, confident, stylish woman! Decorate your home or office and keep reminded that she – you – are the one!

Keep reminding yourself that what you wish and strive for in your life is completely up to you and no one can ever take this away from you. Look at her: Do you think she’d let anyone take it away from her?

This is more than an excellent present for your friends or yourself!

Decorate your personal or work space with a unique, handmade piece of art.

If you’d like to know more about this piece of art, you can always contact us.

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