Bronze Elegance – Decorative Bottle


  • Deliveries from Greece
  • Handcrafted from a small family business
  • H27W8cm
  • Real glass
  • Real bottle
  • Details of clay
  • Paint
  • Embossed


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Take a look at this Handcrafted Decorative Bottle.

The bronzy-eggshell color combinations make it ideal for any house decoration. It’s made by hand, while the use of special effects on it make it so eye-catching!

In case that you are not familiar with the whole Decoration Bottle concept, let’s clear this up: People have been using them for years as decorative items, all over the world. They place them on shelves or above thei fireplace, they use them as vases and put fresh or plastic flowers in them, they even decorate their kitchen counters and balcony tables with them!

Excellent present idea for handcrafted art lovers – give it to your friends or colleagues on your next visit!

Artist Marika is from Greece, loves to create handmade art pieces and runs a small family business with her daughter, Mary.
You will not find the exact same item, no matter where you look. Everything is handmade!

If you’d like to know more about this piece of art, you can always contact us.

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