African Male Warrior


  • Deliveries from Greece
  • Handcrafted from a small family business
  • H40W10D10cm
  • Light clay
  • Colors
  • Embossed Art

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Find your strength and balance in this Male Warrior.


Artist Marika, alongside her African Warrior Woman  also created a Male African Warrior! As much as his proud mate, he too is a pure symbol of passion, balance and strength.

Meant to guide you find your inner balance and self love, this unique piece of art sends out such strength and power, but not in a tired, overused way. Men have been struggling to prove their strength for centuries, history knows. But “balance” was a gift only few of them beared.

They way Marika projects this strong and clear headed African Man, you can actually feel all of his physical strength just by holding him – but, you can also feel his power of mind. Identifying his personal strengths and weaknesses and using them wisely makes him a true force of nature. A true male warrior.

Notice the details in this handmade piece of art: The texture of his costume and colors of his shield, the crown on his head and the way his skin smoothly reflects the light! Once again, this is exactly how Marika envisioned a powerful African Male Warrior.

Let him be your gift to someone you think could benefit from his ability to handle life, tell the men in your life they can lead and fight only when they’ve found inner balance.

Let him bring all the good luck and strength in your personal or work space.


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